Local Food Coalition

Local Food Coalition

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Why We Invested

To bringing agriculture leaders and organizations together

The Local Food Coalition supports statewide food- and agriculture-related policy issues through advocacy on critical matters related to land, water, finance, energy, market development and other key concerns that members believe will help increase local food production.

Our Partner

Formed in 2012, the Local Food Coalition brings together farmers, ranchers, livestock producers, investors, food manufacturers, and other leading organizations who collectively manage more than one million acres of land and produce the majority of food in our state. Its members include: 4 Ag Hawaii, Hawaii Aquaculture and Aquaponics Association, Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council, Hawaii Farm Bureau, Hawaii Farmers’ Union United, Hawaii Food Industry Association, Hawaii Food Manufacturers Association, The Kohala Center, Malama Kauai, Maui School Garden Network.

How We Partnered

Underwriting community outreach, convening and advocacy activities