Green Energy Money $avers (GEM$) On-Bill Payment Program

Non Profit

Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority

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Why We Invested

To sustaining clean energy on-bill payment financing

Clean energy is not cheap and often requires financing in the way of loans. However, access to clean energy financing is difficult for those in challenging situations, such as renters, small businesses or non-profit organizations. The state’s Green Energy Money $avers program, commonly known as GEM$, provides a solution by incorporating clean energy financing with a person’s utility bill.

Our Partner

The Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority was created by the Legislature to make clean energy investments accessible and affordable to a broader cross-section of Hawaii’s utility ratepayers, with a portion of its funds to benefit underserved communities, low- and moderate-income households, renters and nonprofits.

How We Partnered

Financial capital to support marketing and outreach efforts to increase awareness of the program



“On-bill payment would not have been possible without the collaboration of both GEM$ and the utility. Access to renewable energy through on-bill payments makes it possible for more customers to enjoy the benefits of solar – including many who otherwise would not have had the chance.”