Drive Electric Hawaii

Drive Electric Hawaii Coalition

More Clean Transportation Choices

Why We Invested

To promote driving electric as a cleaner mode of transportation

Drive Electric Hawaii seeks to promote the use of electric vehicles, cut fossil-fuel ground transportation and add more renewable energy through collaboration, promotion, advocacy and infrastructure to make electric mobility easier for all. 

Our Partner

Drive Electric Hawaii is a coalition of public, private and non-profit organizations with a shared vision of supporting and promoting electrification of transportation in Hawaii. These include Blue Planet Foundation, City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii County, Hawaii Energy, Hawaiian Electric, Kauai County, Kauai Island Utility Cooperative, Maui County, Rocky Mountain Institute, Hawaii State Energy Office, Hawaii Department of Transportation, Division of Consumer Advocacy, and Ulupono Initiative. 

How We Partnered

Financial capital and management engagement, including development and launch of the Drive Electric Hawaii website, government relations, and partnership in promoting and holding community-based events

“The role EVs play in the future of ground transportation is widely recognized in Hawaii. We’re proud of Drive Electric Hawaii’s coalition of public, private and nonprofit organizations working together.”