Blue Ocean Mariculture

For Profit

Blue Ocean Mariculture

More Local Food

Why We Invested

To promote sustainable harvesting of ocean-raised fish in the waters off Hawaii Island

Blue Ocean Mariculture’s dedication to the responsible production of marine finfish in Hawaii’s aligns with Ulupono’s goal of creating more sustainable, locally produced fish. Farmed Hawaiian Kanpachi is an important part of the answer to the seafood sustainability challenge.

Our Partner

Based off the Kona coast on Hawaii Island, Blue Ocean Mariculture is the only producer of sashimi-grade, aquaculture-raised yellowtail in the United States. Currently, Blue Ocean Mariculture produces 700 to 900 thousand pounds of Hawaiian Kanpachi, also known as Kahala and Yellowtail, per year.

How We Partnered

Financial capital and management engagement to expand Blue Ocean Mariculture’s commercial feed-based, responsibly-farmed seafood production




“Through our partnership with Blue Ocean Mariculture, we supported a highly productive and sustainable form of seafood production that does not deplete natural fisheries.”