BioEnergy Hawaii

For Profit

BioEnergy Hawaii, LLC

More Renewable Energy, More Freshwater Resources

Why We Invested

To expand renewable energy and waste management on Hawaii Island

BioEnergy Hawaii’s planned resource recovery facility will substantially divert waste from the landfill to instead be used for recycling, compost and conversion of waste into energy. Its integrated technology approach will not only benefit the County of Hawaii but also has the potential to be applied in other counties as well.

Our Partner

BioEnergy Hawaii, LLC is a project development company established to address the fundamental problems associated with the current waste disposal operations in Hawaii.

How We Partnered

Financial capital and management engagement, including guidance and support through a system-based model that connects companies within its portfolio of investments

“Ulupono Initiative and I are concerned with the health of our environment as well as the long-term growth and sustainability of Hawaii.”