We’re hiring!

Oct 31, 2022

Ulupono Initiative (UI) is expanding our team! From renewable energy to freshwater management, we are looking for a few passionate and knowledgeable individuals who share our commitment to a more sustainable and resilient Hawaii.

Director, Energy Sector 

This position is responsible for developing strategy and leading the implementation of Ulupono’s energy issues efforts and their impact on the people of Hawaii, including potential impacts across our other sector areas (e.g., local food production, transportation, and fresh water). Duties include but are not limited to assisting the investment team in evaluating and recommending renewable energy-related investments, grants and public-private partnerships; collaborating with State and County energy, land-use, and planning senior management; providing realistic inputs for financial models; and working with portfolio and partner organizations to help them succeed.

Director, Fresh Water Sector

Like the above, this position is responsible for developing strategy and leading the implementation of UI’s efforts, but focused on fresh water issues and their impacts in Hawaii. Duties include but are not limited to acting as the subject matter expert and advisor on all freshwater issues within Ulupono. Although the focus will predominantly be on ensuring a sufficient and secure supply of fresh water for current and future generations, related topics such as stormwater and nearshore water quality may also be up for consideration.

Associate, Policy & Research

This position is primarily responsible for supporting research, analytical and policy efforts within Ulupono. This includes conducting market/industry and policy research, performing programmatic research and assessments and understanding funding opportunities. Other work may include supporting the assessment of grants made through the donor-advised Ulupono Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation as well as traditional private equity/venture capital investments. 

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