‘Wai’ series sheds light on freshwater challenges and solutions

Nov 28, 2023

Check out the latest two episodes from “Everything Starts with Wai,” a HI Now series that aims to bring attention to the substantial challenges and solutions involved in the distribution of freshwater to Hawaii’s residents statewide. Issues such as insufficient funding for aging infrastructure and understaffing have far-reaching consequences throughout the entire state. These episodes feature dedicated leaders and individuals who work within the water sector, underscoring the importance of ensuring the provision of fresh, high-quality water in the most efficient manner.

Both episodes include compelling calls to action — encouraging viewers to actively participate in water conservation efforts, raising awareness about the significance of maintaining a reliable source of fresh water, engaging with their communities on water-related issues, and exploring innovative approaches to secure a sustainable and clean water supply.

View these as well as previous segments here.

For more information on where consumers can conserve water, visit boardofwatersupply.com/watersensible.