Maui ‘quick build’ promotes street safety and walkability through public art

Jul 26, 2021

By definition, quick build projects allow for an expedited response to community needs. They take less than a year to plan, are implemented through incremental and iterative processes that use flexible installation materials — such as paint and moveable barriers to support walking, biking, and transit — to achieve a replicable result.

Located within the urbanized area of Central Maui, Kahului was already home to an existing Complete Streets effort. Papa Avenue and other nearby streets were primate candidates, identified by the community and county government, to make them safer for people of all ages and abilities while walking, bicycling, in personal motor vehicles, or on bus transit. The outcome was a community-driven project that improved the area no matter what mode of transportation is being used, while reflecting the character of the area.

Watch a video about this exciting quick build project >>