City completes 2-phase TOD Wayfinding Master Plan

Jan 27, 2022

What good is even the most ideal multimodal transportation system if people don’t know how to navigate it?

That’s where the City and County of Honolulu’s TOD Wayfinding Master Plan comes in.

Central to the plan is a goal around which just about everyone would rally: maximum benefit from the eventual operation of the Honolulu rail for Oahu’s communities. As the plan states, “Transit-oriented development (TOD) is about enhancing the neighborhoods around the rail stations and increasing the number of people who live and work within easy walking distance to transportation. Transit enhanced neighborhoods reduce the dependency on single-use vehicles and improve the efficiency of government services and infrastructure … It leads to improved public health and reduces vehicular congestion and air pollution.”

Supported with a grant provided through the Ulupono Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation, the TOD Wayfinding Master Plan is now available online. Details include the planned rollout of static sign components and digital tools to support “multimodal journeys to and within the TOD neighborhoods.” Divided into two reports, the Phase 1 report covers planning (“system analysis and strategy development to promote seamless, multi-modal connections for transit-users, while encouraging exploration, discovery, and repeat visitation that are critical to the success of neighborhood ecosystems”), and the recently completed Phase 2 report delves into design and documentation (“detailed design and planning of signage … and delivery of complete packages for the City’s use in procurement of the proposed strategic roll-out”).

Read the complete TOD Wayfinding Master Plan here.