‘Multimodal Movement’ shares tips on riding the bike

Feb 27, 2024

Every month on KITV, Ulupono Initiative and its partners feature 30-second segments that share tips on how to join the multimodal movement. They highlight the benefits of riding the bus, biking, rail and walking, among others.

Viewers see how everyday multimodal transportation users go about their day without having to depend on driving a car, how making the choice is easy, and how it helps to reduce carbon emissions and traffic. The goal is to increase awareness of multimodal transportation choices and encourage residents to consider changing their routine and mindset about getting around. 

Another significant benefit of not owning a car is saving money on gas and maintenance. In Hawaii, personal vehicles cost an average of $16,200 per household per year. Factoring in all public costs (state and county expenditures, social and economic trade-offs, and real estate value of land set aside for roadways and parking), the total comes to an estimated $40,600 per household per year. 

Watch our two Multimodal Movement spots featuring the benefits of riding the bike and tips on how to get around here and here