Biki’s 2023 numbers are in

Feb 27, 2024

Biki, Honolulu’s large-scale bikeshare system, recently released its 2023 data showing that ridership remains strong and it’s mostly kamaaina. As an early and ongoing supporter of the popular program, Ulupono Initiative applauds more riders choosing to adopt biking as a transportation choice.

Highlights from 2023 include:

  • 797,953 trips took place, with 62% of them taken by Hawaii residents
  • Riders racked up more than 12.5 million minutes (208,300+ hours) on Biki
  • The Free Spirit plan, offering 300 prepaid minutes, was the most popular of three membership options
  • The stop on Seaside and Kalakaua Avenues was once again the busiest, serving as the start or end station for more than 45,000 trips
  • Average rider time was 15 minutes and 49 seconds
  • For the fifth consecutive year, the most popular time for Biki rides was Friday from 4 to 5 p.m.
  • June was the busiest month
  • The record busiest day was December 9 — the same day as the Honolulu Marathon

“Biki is a great transportation choice for a number of reasons,” said Greg Gaug, senior vice president of investments and analytics. “It’s convenient — with 130 stations throughout Honolulu, it’s easy to find a Biki stop; it’s affordable — with memberships starting at just $15 per month, which is much lower than the cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle; and it’s a healthy and fun way to get around.”

Gaug added that there is also a special Biki option for qualified kamaaina through the Everybody Rides program — a low-cost program offering unlimited 30-minute rides for just $10 per month.

The number of minutes that were spent by riders on Biki bikes in 2023 equals to an estimated 1.6 million miles. This means that 1.9 million pounds of CO2 emissions were avoided. Not to mention, 65 million calories burned. Ulupono Initiative appreciates each individual who is choosing to take part in building a more sustainable future for the Aloha State.

This year, getting around town on a Biki has gotten easier with the recently designated bike lanes on Cooke Street. This mauka to makai connection in Kakaako (a Complete Streets Project) spans from the King Street protected bikeway to Ilalo Street. Supported by a strong partnership with the City and County of Honolulu, Biki continues to explore ways to expand and improve Biki so that an even greater number of community members can benefit from this clean, affordable and convenient transportation choice.

Biki helps to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels by empowering the community to drive less and bike more. That means less need for cars, less miles driven, less cars on the road, and less demand for car parking, so more Biki rides really helps everyone. Want to jump on a Biki?

Purchasing a Pass at the kiosk: Two options are available at the kiosk using a credit card. Purchase a One-Way for $4.50 for a single trip up to 30 minutes, or a Multi-Stop for a bank of 300 minutes that can be used in any increment, over one year. For each rental purchased at the kiosk, a code to unlock the bike will be distributed after your purchase is finalized. Take the code to any dock with an available bike and unlock the bike.

Online or through the Biki App: Membership options (e.g., CommuterVoyager and  Free Spirit) are available online and through the Biki App using a credit card. Subscriptions purchased online will include a Biki Card that will allow the member to bypass the kiosk by unlocking a bike directly from a Bike dock in a matter of seconds.

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