Ulupono Initiative
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Grass-Fed Beef Trials

In partnership with Parker Ranch and Hawaii Beef Producers, Ulupono is helping to fund trials to determine the potential for developing commercially based grass-fed feedlots, or pasture finishing companies. In these pre-commercial trials, Hawaii Beef Producers is testing the impacts of fertilized, irrigated grass using the Hamakua Ditch Irrigation System, and Parker Ranch is studying the impact of using fertilized, non-irrigated grass. In addition, Kamehameha Schools is doing its own trial on unfertilized, irrigated pasture in Hamakua. The outcomes from all of the trials will be combined and shared with all partners as well as the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council and the University of Hawaii’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) to help determine which combination of methods are best for lowering the production costs and improving the quality of locally produced grass-fed beef. The trials are expected to conclude in May 2013.