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Local Poultry Feed Options from Hawaii By-Products

Poultry production in Hawaii continues to be limited by the high price of feed rations imported from the mainland. To solve this problem Ulupono Initiative partnered with Farm n’ Forages, a Hawaii-based agricultural consulting and contract service, to study available by-products that could be used in a local feed ration and analyzed nutritional values of those possible ingredients. Potential by-products identified as suitable for a poultry diet were wheat millrun, brewer’s spent grain, algae co-products, black soldier fly larvae, papaya processing waste and cassava. 

The study found that algae replacement diets were able to supplant about 36 percent of the imported ingredients in an imported commercial layer ration while not affecting layer hen production or health. Based on the analyses, a potential algae/cassava diet is estimated to replace about 41 percent of imported ingredient while still being nutritionally balanced for optimal egg layer production. That is equivalent to replacing more than 6,800 tons or about 300 container loads of imported feed per year.

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