Ulupono Initiative

The Leahi-Maluhia Foundation

To facilitate scratch cooking to accommodate more locally grown food

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The Maluhia and Leahi Hospitals purchased equipment for scratch cooking to accommodate more locally grown food.

Our Partner

The Leahi-Maluhia Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 2003 to support the work of Leahi Hospital and Maluhia Long-Term Care Health Center in their mission, development, and provision of quality health and long-term care, primarily targeting seniors. As the Oahu Region of the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, Leahi, and Maluhia are part of the state’s safety-net healthcare system caring for approximately 500 people a day, through inpatient and outpatient services.

How We Partnered

$5,300 grant provided through the Ulupono Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation


To offer sustainable solutions for hospitals to use more locally-grown food


At a Glance

Investment Area
Food, Local Food Production
Financial Model
Total Investment

$5, 300