Ulupono Initiative

Kunia Agricultural Park

Helping local farmers gain economic self-sufficiency, scale and access to markets in Hawaii.

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Established by the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation (HAF) in July 2011, Kunia Agricultural Park provides lands, infrastructure and technical assistance to farmers that helps them gain economic self-sufficiency, scale and access to markets throughout Hawaii.

HAF is a non-profit organization promoting the long-term viability of agriculture and farming in Hawaii by increasing awareness and appreciation through research, education, training, partnerships and public outreach. It also supports building a sustainable agricultural industry in Hawaii by connecting farmers with the community.

In less than one year, HAF leased all 184 acres to 18 farmers and the park began yielding its first harvest in 2012. On August 15, 2014, HAF added an additional 37 acres bringing the total acreage to 219. The successful launch and sustained economics of the Kunia Agricultural Park can be a model to help build other successful land management plans that nurture the growth of local food production.

Why We Invested

Through the Ulupono donor-advised fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation, Ulupono Initiative supported the Kunia Agricultural Park to help experienced farmers grow food and create a more sustainable local food production system in Hawaii.


“Expanding the base of farmers has been a boom to Hawaii’s agricultural industry and residents wanting to consume more local produce. I’m impressed with the sheer range of products from chili peppers and peanuts to bananas and papayas that farmers are producing on the land.”

– Dean Okimoto, president of Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation


  • Created a working partnership between a landowner and nonprofit organization to establish an agricultural park for small farmers, which can be used as a model for replication
  • Developed methodology for management of agricultural park to maximize local food production from small and medium-sized farmers with access to equipment and affordable, fertile land
  • Leveraged available resources to improve the education of small farmers about how to achieve success in the Hawaii market

At a Glance

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Financial Model
Total Investment

Total Investment

2011: $100,000
(grant via Hawaii Community Foundation)

Support for the Kunia Agricultural Park is provided through a grant from the Ulupono Donor-Advised Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation.

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