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Kanu Hawaii

A community empowering members to live more sustainable, compassionate and resilient lives.

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Through the Ulupono donor-advised fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation, Ulupono Initiative supported Kanu Hawaii’s goal to move the state toward a more sustainable future.

Since its launch in 2008, the organization has used a mix of online technology and face-to-face engagement to attract thousands in the community to make personal changes and group actions. Kanu Hawaii has organized challenges, such as its “Eat Local Challenge,” “Energy Challenge” and “No Waste Challenge,” where it invited the community to test out behavioral changes in the areas of food, renewable energy and waste reduction.

Why We Invested 

Ulupono Initiative supported Kanu Hawaii’s mission to change behavior in the areas of clean energy, food security and waste systems.


  • Encourages consumption and demand for local food through popular Eat Local Challenge
  • Inspires energy conservation, energy efficiency through Energy Challenge
  • Prompts consumers to reduce waste and recycle more throughout the year, especially during No Waste Challenges
  • Uses social media to help catalyze commitments to small individual shifts with potential for larger-scale community change

At a Glance

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Investment Area
Energy, Food, Waste
Total Investment


2011: $250,000
2009: $250,000
2008: $250,000*
2007: $250,000*

* Omidyar funds were invested before the creation of Ulupono and are considered legacy projects.

Support for Kanu Hawaii is provided through grants from the Ulupono Donor-Advised Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation.