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Ibis Networks enables commercial and government enterprises to significantly reduce their plug load energy consumption.

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Ibis Networks enables commercial and government enterprises to significantly reduce their plug load energy consumption. Originally developed for the U.S. military, Ibis Networks’ enterprise-defined technology creates a highly secure, reliable, mobile, scalable, and centrally managed means to dramatically reduce energy consumption and extend electronics life with low up-front investment.

Ibis Networks’ flagship IntelisocketTM was developed by local research and development firm Oceanit and selected by Hawaii Energy's Efficiency Auction program to provide a secure, scalable platform designed to reduce plug load energy consumption, increase machine and electronic operational efficiency, and find innovative ways to reduce peak-hour demand for commercial, government and military facilities, including hotels, offices, schools and institutions. Ibis Networks’ technology provides customers with up-to-the-minute energy use data, along with real-time and automated plug load control, which customers can use to take energy efficiency measures and save on their electric bill.

Why We Invested

Ibis Networks and Ulupono share a goal to take energy efficiency to a new level in Hawaii. Ibis Networks’ allows users to implement energy management strategies and track savings in real time resulting in decreased energy use.

“Ibis Networks is incredibly excited about the commercial traction the company is receiving for the IntelisocketTM platform since its launch in October 2014.  After receiving an additional grant from Hawaii’s Energy Excelerator, as well as an investment from Ulupono Initiative, the company is poised to scale rapidly in 2015 in both Hawaii and California.  We are incredibly honored to be working with Ulupono and the Excelerator to help “move the needle” and make Hawaii a greener place to live and do business.”

– Michael Pfeffer, CEO of Ibis Networks



  • Significantly reduces plug load energy consumption
  • Increases machine and electronic operational efficiency
  • Finds innovative ways to reduce peak-hour demand

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