Ulupono Initiative

Hawaii Dairy Farms

Striving to produce fresh, nutritious local milk for Hawaii's families using a pasture-based, rotational grazing dairy that's good for the economy and environment.

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In 2013, Ulupono committed $17.5 million to Hawaii Dairy Farms for a proposed pasture-based dairy on Kauai’s South Shore in an effort to produce fresh, nutritious local milk for Hawaii’s families. It will be the first pasture-based, rotational grazing dairy in the state.

Located at Mahaulepu valley, the 557-acre dairy will utilize a proven, sustainable pasture-based rotational grazing system and state-of-the-art technology to increase the statewide local milk production with roughly 1.2 million gallons per year, create local jobs, and provide partnership opportunities for local ranchers.

Why We Invested

Ulupono Initiative recognized the need for a local, sustainable dairy in the islands to produce fresh, nutritious milk at import parity pricing. We believe that forming Hawaii Dairy Farms is an important step toward revitalizing the dairy industry in Hawaii, where local dairies produced all of the state’s milk until 1984. This is integral to Ulupono’s mission to increase affordable and sustainable local food production, and we believe this dairy’s success could lead to additional pasture-based, rotational grazing dairies statewide.



  • Revitalizes Hawaii’s dairy industry
  • Catalyzes a sustainable, profitable dairy industry statewide using a pasture-based model rather than relying on imported feed
  • Partners with local stakeholders and global experts to identify cattle, grasses and dairy systems that are best for Hawaii
  • Provides fresh, local milk at import parity pricing

At a Glance

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