Ulupono Initiative

Hamakua Institute

To assess the feasibility of a food hub on Hawaii Island. 

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The Hamakua Institute offers a fresh approach to rural development that recognizes sustainable solutions require multi-stakeholder collaboration. To inform and facilitate lasting solutions, funding was needed for conducting a food hub feasibility study.

Our Partner

Headquartered on the Hamakua coast of Hawaii, the Hamakua Institute analyzes the unique social and economic development problems facing rural communities around the world, drawing upon decades of management experience to guide companies, governments, and NGOs in promoting sustainable development.

How We Partnered

$10,000 grant provided through the Ulupono Fund at the Hawaii Community


To inform and facilitate lasting solutions on food hub feasibility. 

To offer sustainable solutions for rural development. 


At a Glance

Investment Area
Food, Local Food Production
Financial Model
Total Investment

$10, 000