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GoFarm Hawaii

Training new farmers to increase the number of Hawaii's agricultural producers.

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Hawaii’s agricultural sector is faced with a variety of challenges, including an aging farmer population and a labor shortage. In response, GoFarm Hawaii (GFH), a farmer-training program, was established in 2012. Its purpose was to entice and train new farmers through a range of offerings, from a three-hour seminar to a multi-year training and assistance program.

GFH’s mission is to enhance Hawaii’s food security and economy by increasing the number of local agricultural producers. Under a U.S. Department of Labor grant, GFH was created by a group of agricultural educators from the University of Hawaii’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, Agribusiness Incubator Program (AIP), and Windward Community College who joined together to pursue a comprehensive program to train new farms. Currently, AIP runs GFH’s programs.

Since 2012, GFH has become Hawaii's premier new farmer training program the program with at least 250 total participants with 37 participating in the more in-depth classes. If all 37 participants were to start their own individual farms, this would increase the number of farms in Hawaii by 0.5%.

Why We Invested

GoFarm Hawaii will help our mission of increasing local food production by helping to recruit and train new farmers. Ulupono’s investment will assist GFH with its farm infrastructure needs, including equipment maintenance and tools.


  • Attracts and trains new farmers with programs and seminars
  • Increases the number of local agricultural producers
  • Enhances Hawaii's food security and economy

At a Glance

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Support for GoFarm Hawaii is provided through a grant from the Ulupono Donor-Advised Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation.

College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources at the University of Hawaii at Manoa
Agribusiness Incubator Program
Windward Community College