Ulupono Initiative
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Our Approach

Ulupono views our focus areas with a systems approach. For example, in nature, ecosystems comprise many elements that all work together to survive or perish.

Using this approach, we are continually working to understand how things influence one another within Ulupono’s three key sectors of food, energy and waste in Hawaii. We’re identifying key partners, leverage points and linkages to determine where the most impact can occur. It is our belief that you cannot change one aspect of a system without affecting many others. Our goal is to infuse investment capital, or grants, along with collaboration and guidance to help our partner organizations find success in achieving impact. 

To do this, we seek knowledgeable partners with relevant experience, a proven management team and record, and the ability to challenge the status quo. It is essential that we are not the sole source of funding. Ulupono aims to be the partner who helps catalyze a plan to the next level.  We look for those who are finding innovative, catalytic approaches that can help to transform our community by creating more independence for Hawaii’s food, energy and waste systems.

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