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September 03, 2015

Highlighting our clean transportation investments, analyzing LNG, and giving away an e-bike at Asia Pacific Resilience Innovation Summits and Expo

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Over the past three years Ulupono Initiative has proudly sponsored the Asia Pacific Resilience Innovation Summits and Expo (APRISE) at the Hawaii Convention Center. APRISE brings together hundreds of local, national and international stakeholders in the energy industry, government, US military and private sector.

This year we created a fun and interactive showcase of our work in the transportation sector and brought in four of our partners – Bikeshare Hawaii, OpConnect, Volta and WaySine – to join us. The Transportation Energy Solutions and Grid Modernization panel, moderated by Greg, complemented our exhibit. Meanwhile, Murray and Kyle addressed the difficult question of the role of liquid natural gas (LNG) in Hawaii’s energy future. 

Transportation on Display

What began as an ambitious concept was brought to life thanks to Wall-To-Wall Studios (and some excellent woodworking by Murray and his family). The result was a unique space featuring replicas of the actual hardware deployed by the companies including an electric vehicle (EV) public charging station, a GPS bus real-time sign and bikeshare bicycles. Hundreds of guests stopped by to talk story and learn more about how Ulupono and our partners are impacting Hawaii’s transportation picture through our investments. 

We also stepped up our promotional swag. Gone were the days of giving out pens and notepads. This time, we gave away a foldable electric bicycle from e-Bikes Hawaii because it was both cool and an example of alternative transportation that uses clean energy. More than 100 people filled out our survey to sign up for a chance to win the Kuo+ e-bike. The survey provided us with valuable information on the views of conference attendees from their thoughts on transportation to their support of locally run energy companies. Some interesting findings are below:

What is needed to help Hawaii create a cleaner transportation future?
58 people said that more public EV charging stations and better public transportation were needed to help Hawaii create a cleaner transportation future.

If/When alternative choices are up and running (i.e. rail and bikeshare) will you still own a car?While 90% of people still plan on owning cars once alternatives are introduced, 51% say they will use it significantly less.

Analyzing LNG as a fuel alternative

Murray’s keynote on Monday analyzed the volatility and risk of utility fuel cost. Noting that “fuel price volatility deserves much more careful consideration that it has been given in the past,” Murray ran a Monte Carlo analysis for Henry Hub LNG vs. oil/diesel, Henry Hub LNG vs. oil/diesel-indexed LNG, high renewable energy with LNG vs. status quo renewable energy with LNG. Based on the economic data and analysis, he concluded that, purely based on pricing, Hawaii should maximize low cost renewables and consider natural gas for the balance. There are other considerations that need to be made, but this analysis squares away the dollars and cents of the equation.

Download Murray’s full presentation.

Kyle participated on the Natural Gas and LNG - Opportunities and Challenges panel, which discussed the opportunities and challenges of natural gas and LNG in Hawaii and its potential impacts on the state’s power and transportation requirements. He focused on what the right and wrong ways to utilize LNG in Hawaii emphasizing the need too look at it as a bridge and not a crutch. 

Download Kyle’s full presentation.

2015 is shaping up to be a pivotal year in Hawaii’s energy future. Mahalo to the conference organizers and sponsors for another year of comprehensive and insightful clean energy discussions.