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December 04, 2017

Democracy In Hawaii Needs A Tuneup — Here Are Some Tools To Do It

Categories: Sponsorships

Published in Civil Beat on December 4, 2017

Government officials can do more to encourage public participation — and citizens need to stay engaged, conference participants say.

If they want to encourage citizen involvement in government, public servants can start by writing laws in plain English, establishing ground rules to ensure civil discussions and reaching out to working folks who can’t attend public meetings.

Those were among the suggestions Friday and Saturday at the Public Participation in a Polarized Era conference at the University of Hawaii. After listening to speakers and panel discussions, attendees broke into groups to discuss ways to improve Hawaii’s political climate.

Groups discussed topics such as technology for improving public discussion, education of public servants and improving state law.

Event sponsors included the Accord 3.0 Network, UH Public Policy Center, Honolulu Civil Beat, Ulupono Initiative, ThinkTech Hawaii and the UH William S. Richardson School of Law.

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