Ulupono Initiative


September 27, 2015

Don’t leave Hawaii in the dark

We’re all facing a crucial decision over who will take the reins of our state’s energy future. We’ve committed to a future with 100 percent renewable energy and better reliability from the grid. We also want affordable electricity for our families and businesses. We need to work together to make sure we achieve a bright future for all.


September 06, 2015

Nothing New From NextEra

It’s a familiar story: A large merger is proposed that puts an important piece of Hawaii’s future at stake. Questions are asked about the details of the merger and we’re told, “trust us, we’ve got this handled.” Ask yourself, how many of those promises became reality once that company had control? For the Hawaiian Electric/NextEra merger, now is the time to ensure real commitments for residents and ratepayers, before we lose our chance to do so. Time and again, we’ve learned there is a big difference between firm commitments and empty promises