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February 01, 2016

Bikeshare Nameshare Campaign seeks ideas for new bikesharing system

Categories: Energy | Transportation | Videos

Bikeshare Hawaii appeared on KHON2's Wake Up 2Day on February 1, 2016

This summer, there are plans to install a network of 2,000 bikes at 200 strategically placed stations from Waikiki to Chinatown, covering an area of approximately 7.2 square miles. It’s an effort by Bikeshare Hawaii to bring a new, viable transportation option to urban Honolulu.

Docking stations will be accessibly placed at key locations, with stations about two to three blocks apart, and be so ubiquitous, a customer never needs to worry about where to pick up or drop off a bike. The bikes are designed for short trips of one to four miles and promise a cheaper, healthier, friendlier and often faster alternative to driving.

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